18 hours. ago President Barack Obama, whose 2008 campaign platform included net neutrality, will continue to work with the FCC, Congress and the private 
Net Neutrality is under attack in Congress Please tell your Representative. to support Internet freedom. PETITION: "I support Net Neutrality, the First Amendment 

Nov 16, 2011 New "open Internet" regulations survive congressional challenge. Jan 24, 2013 At the annual meeting of the Congressional Internet Caucus, the only issue that appeared likely to appear soon on lawmakers' agenda was an 

May 24, 2010 After 111 members of Congress tell FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to back off, new Net neutrality regulations are looking a lot less likely

Mar 7, 2011 The FCC's net neutrality vote will test Congress's resolve to protect the Internet and assert its role in regulatory policymaking May 20, 2013 The net neutrality case is pending before the United States Court of Appeals for the Using two options of how Congress. might have written a 
Oct 1, 2010. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D- California) has given up for the year on an effort to create bipartisan  2 hours ago The court today struck down the two most. important net neutrality rules:. Congress gave the FCC the power to regulate “telecommunications 

3 hours ago Separate from that, it's possible that Congress could step in as well -- though the issue of net neutrality in Congress has become partisan, and  The Internet Strikes Back The PK Mobile Action Alert system has already been activated--read on for directions on how to look up the phone number for your  14 hours ago. It would take major pressure from the public to force Congress to pass net-. neutrality legislation, said Lynne Bradley, director of government  May 12, 2013 In 2010, the Federal Communications Commission voted to approve a framework for rules enforcing "net neutrality," in effect saying that Internet  For its specific application to Canada, see Net neutrality in Canada. Republicans in Congress have announced plans. to reverse the rules through legislation.

Five failed attempts have been made to pass bills in Congress containing some net neutrality provisions Each of these bills sought to prohibit. Internet service  They are spending millions of dollars lobbying Congress to eliminate Net Neutrality and their powerful lobby has convinced many lawmakers that it is not  Our representatives in Congress need to. know that there is widespread support to protect freedom and openness on the Internet by supporting net neutrality! Congress is about to sell out the Internet by letting big. phone and cable companies set up toll booths along the. *Tell Congress to Save Net Neutrality Now*  Net Neutrality prevents AT&T from choosing which websites open most easily for. by the FCC and it is incumbent on Congress. to re-instate it back into the law Nov 15, 2011. The FCC passed a net neutrality rule last December. to prevent service providers from Was Congress going to wag its fingers at the FCC? Sep 13, 2012. Congress has never explicitly given the FCC the authority to enforce network neutrality, but the FCC contends that the power to mandate  A free and open Internet is essential to America's economic and cultural prosperity The Internet is a thriving and vibrant engine. for cultural and economic growth  The FCC approved net neutrality regulations regarding non-discrimination of traffic on. Congress has directed the FCC to deploy and measure broadband  16 hours ago UPDATE 10:58 PM EST: Some advocates of net neutrality are defending the court's decision today, saying that Congress, not the FCC, is the  Results 1 - 10 of 112. "Net neutrality" is the term used to describe the concept of keeping the Coalition letter to Congress requesting. hearings on Net Neutrality,  Sep 15, 2013 'Net neutrality' debate. may decide future of Netflix Court, and the issue could end up in Congress, which has been divided on the issue. Sep 27, 2013 By involving the tech community in the healthcare. and debt war, Congress has gone too far Sep 10, 2013. On Monday, network neutrality got its day in court. Congress codified that distinction in the 1996 Telecommunications Act Congress dubbed  Feb 23, 2011 Recent hearings on the FCC's controversial Net neutrality rules have led to considerable Congressional action aimed at undoing them Jan 22, 2013 The FCC enacted its net neutrality. order in late 2010, requiring on firmer legal ground, but the measure. would face long odds in Congress. 12 hours ago. US Senators Troubled By Net Neutrality Decision that he would come to Congress for direction before pursuing any new net neutrality rules,  17 hours ago If net neutrality proponents were to go to Congress to try to preserve the FCC's rules, in fact, a good place to start would be with the bill 

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I. 112th CONGRESS 1st Session. H R 96 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. January 5, 2011. Mrs Blackburn (for. herself, Mr Wilson of South Carolina,  Jun 29, 2010 Last Friday, two congressional committees held closed door discussions with. 31 representatives from industry and activist groups to discuss AMC Messianic Leadership Conference
Mar 10, 2011 The House of Representatives smacked Net Neutrality in the face, taking the idea back to the drawing board with the communications and  Court hears arguments in Verizon lawsuit against net neutrality. The administration is considering an Executive Order. to bypass Congress on a law similar to 
Against this backdrop I have testified about Net Neutrality twice in the last few months (once before Congress and once before the FCC). My message has been  Internet freedom means Net Neutrality. Internet freedom means mobile rights Internet freedom means. open spectrum Internet freedom means universal  Apr 24, 2012 Today's Senate hearing on the future of online video only hinted at the complexity of related net neutrality and other Internet infrastructure 

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The network (net) neutrality debate continues into the 112th Congress. – with recent legislative, regulatory and judicial activity The ALA supports net neutrality  

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net neutrality and congress

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4 days ago Network Neutrality Bills in Congress A running discussion of the proposals to codify. "network neutrality" into law.