Aug 13, 2010 Tea Party groups are staking out an anti-regulatory position in the fight over net neutrality rules for phone and cable companies
Today, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. reached its decision on net neutrality " But according to Michael Weinberg, a staff attorney at advocacy group Public 

May 13, 2013. There are Leftist groups that claim the mantle. of protecting the “consumer interest ” Asserting they exist to protect. consumers from the abusive,  The enforcement of Canada's net neutrality. rules, which govern how Internet First, it is an acknowledgment of what groups. like CIPPIC, PIAC and others were  

Net Neutrality protects your freedom to view websites without restriction, Consumer groups, small businesses, innovators, family and religious groups, 

Developing positions on Broadband. Network Neutrality Internal interdisciplinary group with representatives. from the different EBU departments and members  The It's Our Net Coalition is a broad coalition of consumers, grassroots groups and businesses working together to preserve the Internet and Net Neutrality.
Sep 18, 2012. The he-said, she-said banter may end soon about whether AT&T is breaching so- called net neutrality rules by limiting the iPhone's FaceTime  Before founding the Ammori Group, Marvin Ammori was perhaps the nation's leading lawyer on the nation's most debated tech policy issues–network neutrality

17 hours ago The net neutrality principle is the idea that a public information. groups, such as the Christian Coalition, favor. net neutrality laws, many others  FCC Chairman Offers His Strongest. Endorsement Yet of Net Neutrality Brian Fung , Washington. Post AT&T's Sponsored Data Is Bad for the Internet, the  For its specific application to Canada, see Net neutrality in Canada. A number of net neutrality interest groups have emerged, including SaveTheInternet. com  18 hours ago For a small but passionate group of tech-minded policy wonks, the legal battle over net neutrality is the preeminent Internet issue of the year 22 hours ago The matter is urgent because the current draft regulation. is on a tight timeline, the groups said Internet freedom means. Net Neutrality. Internet freedom means mobile rights Internet freedom means. open spectrum Internet freedom means. universal 

13 hours. ago Without the so-called net neutrality rules, Internet providers will be able to industry watchdogs and some Hollywood groups up in arms Oct 5, 2010 Key minority organizations are backing the carriers' efforts to thwart net neutrality proposals Critics say the millions of dollars and in-kind help  15 hours ago. Net neutrality is an idea that's governed the Internet since the beginning: that all "Internet rights groups believe. the open Internet is what lets  Our members continue to support major campaigns for Net Neutrality, one of the groups behind last month's Net Neutrality protests in Mountain View (which  Net Neutrality Expert Working Group Chair NPT/Post- og teletilsynet, ARCEP/ Autorité de Régulation. des Communications électroniques et des Postes) Commentary and archival information about. network neutrality from The New. in Dubai to discuss telecommunications, diverse groups are warning of plans to  Sep 18, 2012 Today three net neutrality groups—Free Press, Public Knowledge and the New American Foundation's Open Technology Institute—together  Dec 21, 2010 The Federal Communications Commission's. new "net neutrality" rules, slick lobbying campaign run by liberal activist groups and foundations 18 hours ago. Related; FCC says may appeal court ruling against its net neutrality rule but consumer advocacy groups worry that Internet network owners  Net Neutrality, the First Amendment of the Internet, has come under withering attack. from the Astroturf lobby -- corporate front groups that are determined to hand  Art Brodsky says: The anti net neutrality groups argue that any number of horrible outcomes would flow from "net neutrality regulation. " You can pick your own  Net neutrality is the idea that ISPs should not be able to favor some types of data over. As the title of a leading net-neutrality. group proclaims: "It's our Net " 17 hours ago This concept known as net neutrality was a part of President Barack. from Craig Aaron, president of digital rights advocacy group Free Press Sep 23, 2011. The fight over whether the Internet should have a meter has created some unexpected alliances in the groups lobbying the FCC. While frequently these groups have tried to assert both their positions on net neutrality and their views about an appropriate future for the Internet, the  List of Anonymous Groups that participate in the initiative: Net Neutrality. In the simplest of terms it is many things including a router, black net, web server,  6 days ago Net neutrality advocates and consumer advocate groups like Free Press are none too impressed, stating that AT&T is effectively using their 

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11 hours ago. A longtime challenge in establishing. net neutrality rules is that such But for public interest groups, progressive. lawmakers and many Internet AMC Messianic Leadership Conference
We are educating Common Cause members and supporters, building grassroots support, and joining with like-minded groups to form strong coalitions 18 hours ago Public interest groups that championed the FCC's net neutrality rules were crushed. by the court's decision, fearing that it will allow big telco to 
Network Neutrality is the basic idea that anyone. carrying network traffic must treat all the. Both these groups stand to gain from eliminating network neutrality Mockumentary skewers ISPs as Verizon-FCC net neutrality case goes to court: A new. mockumentary posted on YouTube and backed by a group of net neutrality  10 hours ago. In the absence of net neutrality. rules consumer advocacy groups also known as net neutrality, required internet service providers to give 

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Sep 18, 2012. Public advocacy groups aren't all that impressed with AT&T's justifications for limiting FaceTime access over 3G and 4G to those who spring for 

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And leading the charge are groups that, ironically, say they're opposed to " Much of the net neutrality debate has more to do with providing high-end users